We conduct a thorough investigation into relevant technologies, form languages , and usage scenarios on a per project basis. In situations where there is a larger timetable, I'll generally create a series of abstract drawings, sculptures, and diagrams, which serve as a foundation for further design exploration.


We utilize a variety of traditional and contemporary design techniques, starting with the simple sketch and progressing to color renderings, orthographic breakouts, and the initial 3D modeling.


Following consensus with the client, we create a series of production illustrations, CAD models supported by engineering data, and animations of the project in usage scenarios. We also offer support before, during, and after the prototyping phase.


Cunningham has provided design solutions for a number of subjects on a variety of scales including; Aircraft , Architectural Interiors , Automobiles , Consumer Electronics , Cosmetics , Fashion , Furniture , Hardware , Luggage , Mass Transit Systems , Soft Goods , Trains, Theme Parks , Urban Planning , and Wearable Computing.

► Design Research
► Strategic Development
► Branding
► Prototyping
► Digital Modeling
► Art Direction
► Production Illustration
► Concept Development
► Industrial Design