Future Systems

Our raison d'être. Solving globally relevant and seemingly intractable issues is Cunningham's foremost passion. We are committed to the establishment of new paradigms in manufacturing, urban planning, and geopolitics.

"Now, this here is what we call next-level thinking... "
Mike Spinelli
"There’s still folks in the auto industry’s blue sky labs who know how to dream big… "
Paul Raven
"...a perfect choice for those clients looking for original problem solving, and brilliant creativity."
Guido Bottazzo
Artist and Designer
"... a valuable part of any design effort striving to rise above the average and endeavoring to challenge the brightest and the best with competitive advantage."
Syd Mead
Visual Futurist
"If you are looking for someone with an insatiable appetite for daring and original design solutions, tempered with humility and excellence, you've found him."
Carlos Salaff
Senior Designer - Mazda North American Operations