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Ford Probe X


Cunningham's second foray into digital wind tunnel analysis, conducted with Ford and Exa corporation while at Art Center, focused on aerodynamics, P2P (peer to peer) vehicle communication systems, and the dissolving of perceived boundaries in the driving experience. The 2020 Sedan developed in CAD achieved a drag coefficient of 0.15 in early testing phases, half of the typical modern automobile.

LED impregnated GVDC polycarbonate on the front and rear glass communicated messages using a lexicon of simple graphic shapes to denote the conditions of the driver or occupants, while short and long-range IR sensors and camera systems allow multiple vehicle types to organize themselves into 'packs', to optimize travel on the freeway.

A secondary 'driver' was designated to control all logistical information,network dynamics, and inter-vehicle communications. Extensive research into biocomposites, photovolotaics, and human factor concepts such as active and passive safety, was conducted by Cunningham including interviews with leading scientists. It should be noted that this concept was developed and executed a full six months before the Volkswagen L1 concept was premiered at the 2009 Frankfurt Autoshow, and nearly two years before the VW XL1, which bears more than a passing resemblance to our humble attempt to claim the title of the world's most aerodynamic sedan.